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Hemp Seed Butter

Hemp Seed Butter

Hemp Seed Butter

Using hemp seeds as mere sprinkles can get pretty boring.

So, if you want another way to use them, you can actually try turning them into a butter!

In a way, it's a lot like making homemade peanut butter and it's VERY easy. Here's how.

Ingredients: 🌰


What else you need: 💚

  • 1 high-speed food processor
  • 1-2 airtight containers for storage

Method: 🥄

Step 1. Put all the hemp seeds in the processor and start blending for about two minutes.

Step 2. You'll notice the seeds will start to get both fine and a bit sticky. Pause the blending and scrape down any that stick to the sides.

Step 3. Repeat the previous steps for a couple more rounds until the mixture really starts to stick.

Step 4. Put the mixture in the containers and seal them tight. Refrigerating helps!

Easy, right?

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